"The power of her voice stops time."

-Robert Trussell, KANSAS CITY STAR


"The dazzling Lauren Braton, an accomplished soprano ...seems to have sashayed right out of Turner Classic Movies. She can coo notes with the airy tremble of a Disney princess greeting spring birdies, then go all spurned and sultry, purring through... with such power that (this) torch song burns like a klieg light."

- Alan Scherstuhl, THE PITCH


"Lauren Braton reveals herself to be an instinctive comic actress in addition to being an exceptional singer...she delivers the goods with gusto."

-Robert Trussell, KANSAS CITY STAR


"Lauren Braton is hysterical..." 

-Marie Warner, PERFORMINK KC

"Lauren Braton is reason alone to buy a ticket."

-Liz Cook, THE PITCH

"Astoundingly good..."



"The excellent Lauren Braton is fetching..."

-Grace Suh, THE PITCH


"Deeply felt, skillfully executed performance. Braton takes command...and plays for keeps."

-Robert Trussell, KANSAS CITY STAR


"Intimidating...sexually confident."

- Karen Hauge, KC METROPOLIS


"Lauren Braton is mesmerizing...delivers an excellent performance. Simple, unfussy, and quietly charismatic."

 - Robert Trussell, KANSAS CITY STAR 


"Braton's dynamic and sensitive soprano is an asset in its versatility..."



"Lauren Braton a dreamy soprano who moves effortlessly between operatic pieces and pop tunes, is a formidable presence onstage."

- Robert Trussell, KANSAS CITY STAR